AMPATH-WSU Sprint 2 Retrospective

And the issues continue… ūüė¶

Hello dear readers, welcome to my second retrospective blog post. I don’t know why did I decide to switch to using MAC laptop on the last semester of school. As I mentioned on the first spring blog, I was able to fork and clone the code but was having issues in the terminal when trying to build the code. We figured out that the build environment was not fully set up and there was also something else wrong. To be honest I got pretty mad at MAC as I was having issues in another class for installing a virtual machine. I had an old windows laptop at home so I just started to install everything form beginning on that laptop. Sam, my other teammate which is also a MAC user had issues but different ones.

I would like to mention that I really like the way our team works. Kristi was able to help me and Sam with the issue of building the project locally. We always help each other and we don’t leave any of us behind. In my opinion this is a very important behavior to have in a team because that makes a team more productive and brings the teammates closer to each other. StackOverflow and Google helped a lot as well. Realized other people had had similar issues in the past as well. I would strongly suggest to research about the environments and tools you are going to use before you start installing them.

After we made sure that everyone was in the same page and each of us had everything set up we went and checked our to do tasks. I mentioned in the first sprint that that spring felt like a research sprint, I would say that this sprint wasn’t that different either. Actually I was not expecting¬† to start development right away as we were exposed to new tools. I would like to say that even though we haven’t started with development yet I am very happy about all the material that we are learning as its very useful and gives us a great experience.

Before the end of the second sprint we were notified that the developers in Kenya gave some additional information to our professor about what do they want the app to look like and what are some of their requirements. I also know that they send us videos of the wire-frames. This will allow  us to analyze the requirements and apply all the knowledge we are learning in the CS-448 (Software Process Management) class. We are all very excited to get started on watching the videos and start working on this project.

I would say that we did a lot of learning during this sprint and I would like to assume that the next sprint will be the same as we are going to study, analyze the requirements given, and separate out duties within the teams and within each other. I opened a few of the videos that Greg had posted for us and I am really excited about this. I can’t wait to let you guys know where’re we at by the end of next sprint.


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