AMPATH-WSU Sprint 4 Retrospective

Hello my readers and welcome to my next blog post. For all of you who have followed my blog, this is the 4th sprint retrospective and I will be talking about how sprint 4 went for me and my team. For all you guys who are new to my blog, this is a summary of the what me and my teammates have been doing for our capstone class.

If you guys remember last time, I mentioned that me and my teammates decided to do the search bar task where users and doctors can search for patients in their application by putting their name. While the development of the search bar has been done on our end, we have been thinking for options of where to actually put the search bar. One of my teammates Kristi, suggested to the professor that would be better for us to push the search bar task development after the tool bar has been added to the application. While trying to support our idea with reasons, professor K. Wrust agreed with us and talked with the other team on charge to push the changes to master. As I am not very sure on how the development of the other team was going, we were told that we had to wait a bit as the professor wanted the other team to do the development of the tool bar differently.

As we were waiting for the other team to push the changes to master, we were starting to talk about what we were going to do next as a search bar was not ‘enough’ in our opinion. While there is a whole application to be build,  not having the right way of communicating with our user is a problem.

When I started this class, I was really excited on the output that we were going to have at the end. However, now in the middle of the semester I think that despite the learning process which has been great, we don’t really have a big output to show. One of the ideas that came into my mind, was to ask the professor to have other teams work in the web application for this project and we would work in the application ( IOS or Android whichever the user would prefer). While the professor found the idea interesting, we were not sure how long it would take for the user(customer) to accept and approve it. Therefor we just went back to the phase of trying to plan what to do next.

I would say that if I were to go back I would somehow try to have a better communication with the client, as it is very important in a development project.

Unfortunately, this sprint wasn’t a big progress on our end but we are not getting discourage as we are probably going to come up with something interesting for the next sprints. We will be done with classes soon and for this class we are going to give a presentation on what we did, what we learned and how the work in team was.

I am so looking forward for the next sprint as I am sure we will be coming up with a great idea on what to do next. Stay tuned for the next sprint as I am sure I will have great news about our progress.