AMPATH-WSU Sprint 6 Retrospective

Hello dear readers and welcome to my last blog post for the CS 448 class. This blog post will close the chapter of this amazing journey I have had with all the writing and experience with my capstone project.

Recap from last Sprint: we decided to work on the CI/CD of AMPATH project in order to provide productivity and efficiency for all the other teams working on this project. While we were aware of how to set up a regular Java project with Travis CI, the difference here was that here we were dealing with an Angluar project. To be honest I felt a bit discouraged when the professor showed uncertain on how this could be done. However, of course we didn’t give up. We actually (as always) had our best allay, Google to help and figure out how to work with angular projects.

Kristi was able to find a very useful and basic link that showed how to connect a simple angular project with Travis CI. Yayyy we found it. Well half of the job is done. We did our research, we learned the basics and it was time to work on our real project now. Kristi went ahead and tried to make the connected and he was able to, but as the project was added to the Travis account it was failing and not passing the tests. From the tutorial we saw it should be able to at least build the very first time.

I went ahead and tried to find what was missing in the configuration process. I was able to find out that somehow the travis file was not added in the format .travis.yml to the project which is weird as Kristi had added it as a .yml file. However I made the necessary changes and I am waiting at this moment for approval for my professor. I am also going to suggest to the professor the idea of having a dev branch for this project. The fact that there are multiple groups working on the same project at the same time, will probably create conflicts when trying to merge all these changes. Dev branch will have CI/CD and will be deployed within minutes. Efficient, right?

Today is the last day of our class and despite that the presentation of this project is not until May 15th. Therefor we will still be working on this the integration issue and also another part of the team will be working on the other issue we saw in github about figuring out how to store angular components in a library so they can be shared between multiple apps.

This coming week we will be meeting to practice out presentation and also talk about the line up and important points of the presentation.

I would want to say that working on this project was a good experience. However, I wish this is somehow better organized for the next capstone sections next year. What I especially mean by organized is the ability to reach out to the customer. I was aware of the time difference but as we are trying to help them on building their own system, more communication should be provided on their end. I am very happy for my team and what we have achieved and can’t wait to present all our work.

Until the next blog post… Take care you all!