Automated Testing

And the biggest question if the software testing is manual testing vs automatic testing? Why do we need automated testing?

@All Welcome to my last blog post for my Software Test class. As a last blog post for this class I wanted to talk about the Automated Testing.

From the name we can tell that Automated Testing is automated. Automated testing is done through an automated tool, which is needed in exploratory tests and in maintaining test scripts while increasing overall test coverage. Automated Testing is usually used for large projects that require testing the same area lots of times.
Automated Testing has its own implementing strategy which consist in the shape of a pyramid. This strategy calls for automating testing at three different levels. The biggest percentage of this test automation pyramid goes to unit testing. The is followed from API testing and UI testing.

Software tests have to repeated often during development cycles to ensure quality. Every time the source code is modified, software test should be repeated. From my experience at my work, we recently automated the testing and deployment process for one of our systems. For every deployment, we had to test every connected system. One of the benefits of Automated Testing is that is much faster than the manual testing and it also can reduce the time to run repetitive tests all the time. In my opinion time savings equals cost savings. Another benefit of Automated Testing is it increases the test coverage.  It can easily execute thousands of different complex test cases during every test run, providing coverage that is almost impossible with manual testing.

Kyle makes a good point in explaining the differences between the test automation and automated testing as its important to know the difference.


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