Who Doesn’t Hate Their Computer?!

Hi dear readers. Welcome to my next blog post. In this blog post I am going to write about an article that I read with title “Why Doctors Hate Their Computers” written by Atul Gawande.

Gawande starts the article writing about this new system that the hospital he was working was upgrading to. The new system’s name was Epic. Epic is a leading provider company of software for healthcare industry. Gawande shortly explains all the process of training and using this new software, as well as the consequences that it brought with it.

I found the article pretty interesting as it is always good to know, especially as a developer on where do the other industries stand with technology and how are they liking it. I am personally in a Fleet/GPS industry and an internal developer. In my opinion doesn’t really matter which industry you love or hate, technology lies in the same path (most of the time).

Just like Gawande, also a lot other healthcare doctors/employees were not happy enough or at all with the new system upgrade. It is unfortunate how in some things this system had a bad effect when it was supposed to improve all the process. But while reading the story I find so many truths in this article that even I, a software developer can relate to my place of work. To be honest I would say you are ling if you come up to me and say that the system your work/school is using is amazing and you got no issues with it. It is not that the technology is not perfect but it’s people behind those written lines of code. People well trained or not, people with good knowledge or not, people with good skills or not. Having these people combined leads to problems with software.

I would like to point out one part of the article when Gawande’s collage Dr. Sadoughi was explaining how she felt about the new software and how slow it made her work. In a moment she mentions how she logging was very bad as all other doctors could access the documents of a patients, which in my opinion is amazing as, myself as a patient have to explain to each doctor over and over again on what my current health condition is. As far as the other doctors not putting the exact notes for patients, I would say that is a professional matter. At this point the doctor is not playing by the rules but slacking by just using enough words for the billing system to care but not to help in the overall functionality process of this software. In the same time this doctor is hurting the patient as well as the other doctor has no clue of the real health problem the patient has. Let’s be fair at this point!

I have experienced a lot of issues with systems at work too. Once my boss said: “Think how good a software is, if even a developer is confused”. Its true that systems have problems and maybe this particular system had more issues but technology is the future and it has improved our lifestyle in so many ways and we can’t deny that. When creating a system the PMs should always consider the most important factors but also work with a group of users from different departments who represent the interest of them all .

I strongly believe that systems and technology can be improved even more if the correct specifications are set and met, but just like other things in this world, nothing is perfect. Technology doesn’t make an exception.


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