Practice, Practice, Practice

Hello dear readers. Welcome to my last blog post about the Apprenticeship Patterns. This is the 10th Pattern that I really found interesting and wanted to share with you all.

You are graduating, you probably have a job offer (or a few) in the table, you are ready to start this whole new journey and you think you have a good background to create a successful career. YES you do and Congratulations, but it doesn’t end here. You have worked hard to be here but you still got a lot of work to do.

After you Find your Mentor you will see that the Mentor will be giving you different exercises for you to work on based on your skills and weakness and you will see that every exercise will teach you something better or perfect your skills. When you start working in the company, you will face challenges in every project but don’t stop your exercising outside of work. I feel like in companies you apply a very specific knowledge and you would want to be on top of the new stuff that come out if you want to have a good career.

I really like the title of this pattern ” Practice, Practice, Practice”. I used to have a Math teacher in high school and she was always saying “It’s 99% hard work and 1% talent” and I totally agree with her now. That’s why the practice should never stop, doesn’t matter how far up you have gone in your career.

Also look at the bright side, while you just pick random exercises or small projects to work on, you don’t have to worry about deadlines and no pressure. You will notice at the end how happy you will feel about what you have worked on independently.

So just like the authors of this book suggest, go online and find different problems to work on. If you want to feel more challenged find coding competitions and enter them. Don’t worry if you don’t win. You will definitely learn something out of that experience.  After a while go back to where you started and you will see how you have progressed. my last advice you all of you would be: don’t just settle when you start working in a company. Keep growing outside of it. Practice, Practice, Practice…


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